What is our Inner Circle all about?

Our Inner Circle is a community of a higher membership of our present Recallers students and we welcome IC Peeps members through Recallers.

In the Inner Circle we focus on growing and incorporating the core of our Recallers program. Our IC Peeps also dig deeper into all the elements of dog training and dog ownership.

Full of interactive learning, our IC Peeps enjoy monthly live learning sessions exclusive to our Inner Circle and a community of like minded trainers like no other!

Susan’s vision when she put together her Inner Circle, was to provide a home base for like minded dog trainers to grow. To grow the belief that positive dog training and the learning for both dog and human is never truly done. Instead of graduating, you are continuously growing as trainers, while polishing your skills and building upon them for more fulfilling relationships with your dog. This growth can make dog training more joyful than you ever thought possible!

The majority of our IC Peeps choose to continue their journey with us each year.  For this reason, we can only offer a limited number of places for new members when opportunities to join are available.

Our Recallers members will be advised when the opportunity to join IC Peeps is open. Watch this space!